antonydwatsonFollowing an international career in journalism and communications, I left my desk job to embark on a two-wheeled odyssey through three-continents to the cradle of coffee, Ethiopia.

My adventure took me through a kaleidoscope of cultural traditions that surround the epic story of coffee which have been documented in an acclaimed travel blog and self-published book. This blog is an account of my adventures into arabica so far…


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  1. Hallo Antony

    I came across your blog a few days ago, great adventure for you.
    i would like to know if you give lectures?

    I have so many things I would like to ask you, and to hear first hand about your trip

    Hope to hear from you

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Many thanks for your message.
      I gave a talk about my trip at Oxford University recently so I suppose, yes, I do give talks given the right audience!
      Interested to hear how you found the blog and if you are in the coffee/lecture circuit business?!
      Best regards,

  2. Hi Tony,
    Hope your coffee adventure brought a wealth of experience and joy for coffee lovers. If you are thinking of doing something interesting out of your experience, don’t ignore Nepalese coffee.

    1. Hi Sumit,
      Great to hear from you and I hope all is well with you in the Himalayan Kingdom. Looking forward to hearing more about the fine Nepalese organic coffee. Are you around for a skype sometime?

    1. Hi Rolf,
      Thanks for your comment. The link is broken so wasn’t able to visit the website but I’m sure there beans from Tanzania you recommend have a distinctive flavour all of their own. Unfortunately, I won’t be visiting Tanzania (am saving that for another trip :)) but will keep an eye out for their fine coffee beans in future.
      All the best, Antony

  3. Hello Tony, have just been catching up on your adventures!! sounds amazing, hope you are safe and enjoying yourself. look forward to when we meet again…Take care Lou xx

    1. Hi Louise, great to hear from you! Hope you Bri and the kids are well. Yes, it feels great to be finally in Ethiopia and am excited about the prospect of visiting the coffee plantations to the south and west of Ethiopia in the coming weeks… Look forward to seeing you all on my return. Tony xx

  4. Hi Alone Cyclist,

    I remember you from Akçakil Camping site Tasucu-Mersin-Turkey.

    I noticed you for the very first time while you were cooking something in a small pod in your hand in front of your tent.

    But Just a confession, ı supposed you heating a drug such as marijuana 🙂

    But so ashamed myself when ı heard from you that ıt was Turkish coffee you were cooking..

    I am so lucky that ı met you and talk for a while… and wonder where you are and what you are heating… 🙂

  5. Tony, dear chap,
    Forgive the delayed response. Life has been kind of adventurous for me too – a little too much so, actually. Still, it’s all fuel for the fire. Plenty of fat for us to chew sometime over a pint.
    Meanwhile, I wish to convey my utmost respect to you. With affection.


    1. Great to hear from you dear chap, I do hope that you are well. I very much look forward to chewing the fat over a pint/coffee or two when I return later this year. Until then, keep those literary fires stoked good sir. Best wishes, Tony

  6. Dear Antony,
    We wonder if your trip has ended and if you are safely at home.
    Thank you for visiting Hera Hotel in Bergama. Will be waiting you for a cup of Turkish coffee again and your friends too.
    Our web site is coming soon and will be sharing with you soon.
    Good luck and love and greetings from Hera Hotel, Bergama.

    1. Great to hear from you Mevhibe. Have been staying in the Candir Canyon for a couple of days and am pushing on to Antalya today Hope the website launch goes well and all best wishes for the summer season. I will definitely recommend the tranquil Hera Hotel to any friends heading towards Bergama! Hope to revisit sometime too…

  7. My first time out with Harry, as a 13 year old, involved 85 miles of mud, carrying the bike through streams, tea at “Janes” in the middle of nowhereand getting back in pitch dark without lights, caked in mud…to the horror of my parents.

    It was great!

  8. Just read about this on Harry’s blog.
    I thought I had been irreparably damaged (mentally and emotionally) by being one of his disciples as a kid…clearly being related carrys the same risks.

    Sounds like a superb ride, enjoy it! Makes my 2 week jaunts suddenly seem very tame again.

    1. Yes, it clearly does seem to run in the family…. Related or not, I think we can all claim to be disciples of HTB’s memorable Tuesday rides. Wishing best wishes to all the Watson Wanderer’s from a sunny Istanbul!

  9. This is really hard for me to say as I am not a fan of beards, but it does give you more gravitas!
    I think Syria is a no go zone – I know you will do your own research and decide but…

    Best of luck Mark

    1. Mmmmm…. yes, you’re right about Syria being a no go at the moment. Keeping all fingers crossed that the situation will improve for a possible visit on my return journey. It was good to meet you on the ferry from Piraeus to Lesvos and thanks for the tips and good information (chain and tyres have already been duly swapped over!). Hope your ankle heals soon and best of luck with your ‘trans-Asia’ adventure.

  10. Hope it is all going well – and your Bottom isn’t hurting too much!!!!
    Loads of Love

    1. Great to hear from you Lorraine – all is well and making good progress across Italy and now, Greece. Well, my Brooks saddle has not made an ‘Ass’ of me yet but I would not wish to speak to soon…. Maybe Shakespeare will have the last laugh yet!

  11. How about a cup of coffee at Lake of Stars festival in Malawi around October – I’m seriously considering… Did you get some assos?! Hope it’s all as you wished so far 🙂 xx

  12. TONY!!
    Wow – what a great adventure, this is so fun and admirable… not jealous in the least.
    Glad to have read your blog and I will continue to do so.
    Find yourself in NY, let me know!
    Good Luck Old Bean (I’m sure I’m the only one to say that to you)

  13. Just found out about your adventures via Ben’s profile on Facebook.
    You’re a COMPLETE STAR!!! I’m really rather jealous!
    (Not so jealous of the cycling bit though what a fantastic way to see the world!
    but CERTAINLY of all the coffee experiences you’ll have along the way.)
    Keep on pedalling!!!
    Lots of love and luck
    Ollie (and Gab of course!)

  14. Wonderful blog, Tony! Have fun and enjoy all the life has to offer in your journey! and if you decide to make a loop and cycle to Tash, I’ll show you a great place where they make delicious coffee 🙂

  15. A-ma-zing! I like everything about this adventure and you’ll have a fantastic time – if you can even have nuns take you in, the world is your oyster! I am looking at your blog as I am in a Starbucks in Bristol – I guess we all explore the coffee bean in our own particular way… x

  16. Tony! You crazy fool. There is an Eritrean family on Avondale Road that could have satisfied your need for good coffee! Never mind. I am awash with envy and admiration. Enjoy the downhill bits x

  17. Happy New Year Tony!

    Just read about your adventure. Does your journey take you through Madrid? If so, we would love to show you around and give you a good meal.

    Best of luck – have a great trip,

    Lucy x

  18. Go Tony go. You have only bean (see what I did there!) gone a week and already you have managed to go so far. Loving the site and looking forward to you uploading more pictures.
    Have fun x

    Ben x

  19. Dear Antony,
    Just spoke to your Grandma and got your website off her. Thomas promptly found it and we’re going to have a good look at it together.
    Hope you are well, we will follow your adventures!!!
    Lots of love,
    PJT xxx

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